“The Art Of…” Blog Series

In the mind of every artist is a battle between two personalities.  The protagonist:  creativity.  Otherwise known as inspiration, passion, originality, and freedom.  The antagonist:  business.  Also referred to as rules, structure, organization, and cookie-cutter.  The victims of the battle are often the artists themselves as they struggle to make a living with their art… Continue reading “The Art Of…” Blog Series

The Art of Business

Let me paint a picture in your mind. An artist sits, deep in thought, searching for inspiration.  A business man paces in a circle around the artist, waiting for him to act, making phone calls, unsure of what is going on with the artist. This is often the portrait people see when the art world… Continue reading The Art of Business

Funding Independent Media…Independently

…The answer surprised me and it sent my mind into overload as I thought about what it meant not just for the open source community, which by certain definitions equates to free, but also for the world of independent media production where accessibility of content and scope of vision may not equal the available budget…

WordPress…the Gateway Drug for Community in the Tech Universe

WordCamp Portland, known on Twitter as #wcpdx, was held at WebTrends in Portland, OR on September 19-20.  I attended the first day, and while it was supposed to be about WordPress, the immensely popular blogging software, it was ultimately about something else.  Community. It could easily be said that WordPress is the gateway drug that… Continue reading WordPress…the Gateway Drug for Community in the Tech Universe


Running my own business has a lot of perks.  I meet a lot of interesting and unique people.  I also get opportunities to work with organizations, companies, and individuals that are changing the world for others. Over the course of the year, I have been designing logos, trophies, pins, shirts and advertising for Clash at… Continue reading TOPSoccer