An outlet for your doubt

I’ve been thinking about doubt. Not because I’m wrestling with it, but because I’m wondering how I was able to work through it. I’m finally on the other side of a long season where doubt, insecurity, and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome gripped my soul. And it feels great. For me, I’m learning that… Continue reading An outlet for your doubt

A New Story of Collaboration

Tonight I’m participating in a workshop led by my friend, Diane Gibbs, in which the participants answer the question, “What makes a great collaboration for you?” At first glance, my answer reveals an old story that finds its roots in events that happened decades ago: “I don’t collaborate. I’m not a good collaborator. I’m not a… Continue reading A New Story of Collaboration

What does it mean to listen?

I finished the chapter in See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love by Valarie Kaur about listening. It got me thinking: What does it truly mean to listen? To not only hear the words being said but to feel the emotions present—and simultaneously hidden—in the infinite moments of our lives. As a… Continue reading What does it mean to listen?

“Infinite Creative Source”

I find it’s always the simplest phrases that capture my attention, stick in my mind, and drive me deeper into understanding what they could mean. During my morning reading time, I came across the phrase “infinite creative source” in the book Creative Authenticity: 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision by Ian Roberts.… Continue reading “Infinite Creative Source”

A Short Rant on Goals

Goal-setting is a popular topic on social media, in books, and around the virtual and physical watercoolers of the world. It’s akin to Monday morning quarterbacking and critiquing the latest film and how you would make it better than the seasoned professional. In other words, it’s easy to talk about, much more challenging to do… Continue reading A Short Rant on Goals

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Are you willing to be mocked, misunderstood, and hated?

Good morning, dear reader. My name is Chris, and I am a people pleaser. Chances are, I haven’t met you, and I already have a deep-rooted desire for you to like me because of these words. And that is a problem. It’s not only my problem that I deal with daily; it’s a societal problem… Continue reading Are you willing to be mocked, misunderstood, and hated?

Early Morning Wacky Ideas

Don’t you just love early morning wacky ideas? Those brilliant bursts of inspiration floating through the ether, capturing your attention from the concerns and cares of the day. I had a beautiful early morning wacky idea show up today. I grabbed ahold of it, started to write down some ideas, and then asked a series… Continue reading Early Morning Wacky Ideas

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