Reinventing the Wheel

This morning I was pondering social media, data leaks, websites, and what the future holds for the internet. With social media, I’ve been thinking about the Delete Facebook movement and the role Twitter plays in our society. Will I delete my Facebook account? Will I say no thanks to Twitter? What value do I get… Continue reading Reinventing the Wheel

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One Day

Years ago I made a list of 40 things I wanted to do before my 40th birthday. When I made the list, I thought it was completely feasible to do everything on my list. I believed that I could do everything on the list. But each day I looked at the list, I applied a… Continue reading One Day

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The Worst Case Scenario

I thought I would start the blank page with a little clickbait: The Worst Case Scenario! I think about how much mental energy it takes to imagine all of the horrible things that could happen. I let the depression sink in; the melancholy of destruction. Then I think about dog smiles, the smell of dryer… Continue reading The Worst Case Scenario

To Be Kind

This morning, I had coffee with my dad and all we could talk about was the division in the country. He asked me what I would do to bridge the divide. I couldn’t think of the best answer at the time (I don’t think well on the fly), but after some reflection, I think it would… Continue reading To Be Kind

I Don’t Know

I have a  simple response when I don’t know something: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” But is it that easy to find something out? Research is time consuming and involves wading through academic papers, stories in newspapers, journals, and books. It’s easy to fall victim to confirmation bias: “the tendency to search for,… Continue reading I Don’t Know