Coming Up Short

I often come up short, failing to meet the expectations of others.  This reality makes me human.  In my failings, it is the feedback of others which enables me to address and facilitate change.  However, in the past month, I have noticed an increased trend in criticism without feedback. I am not opposed to being judged,… Continue reading Coming Up Short

But Will It Last?

It’s amazing what happens in sixteen years: I graduated from high school, went to college, dropped out from college, went back to college, visited multiple countries, worked a couple of jobs, started my own business, got married, got fat then skinny then proportionate, started working on graduate studies, and about a million other milestones and… Continue reading But Will It Last?

Two Views Of Changing The World

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: They will forever be compared for their impact upon the world. Steve Jobs created great products that redefined how we use technology, consume media, and what we expect from companies in terms of excellence and perfection. Jobs pushed his employees to create the impossible, set the standard for demoing products,… Continue reading Two Views Of Changing The World

Don’t Be A Coward

Don’t be afraid of what could be. Play the hand you’ve been dealt. Take a risk. Let people know what you think. Stand by your convictions. Don’t be a coward.