To Be Kind

This morning, I had coffee with my dad and all we could talk about was the division in the country. He asked me what I would do to bridge the divide. I couldn’t think of the best answer at the time (I don’t think well on the fly), but after some reflection, I think it would… Continue reading To Be Kind

I Don’t Know

I have a  simple response when I don’t know something: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” But is it that easy to find something out? Research is time consuming and involves wading through academic papers, stories in newspapers, journals, and books. It’s easy to fall victim to confirmation bias: “the tendency to search for,… Continue reading I Don’t Know

Who Is Your Competition?

As part of this year’s Design Week Portland, I dropped by several design agencies and film/animation studios in SE Portland. The level of professionalism and quality of work was off the charts. In one building alone, I visited over five studios that all looked and felt different. They all had their own identity. It seemed from… Continue reading Who Is Your Competition?

Higher Standards

As an educator and life-long learner, I found these words in my introductory email so refreshing: “…as a member you are called to a higher standard.” What does it mean to be called to a higher standard? I must rise up to the challenge of learning and applying the knowledge presented. The responsibility is on… Continue reading Higher Standards

The Model of Making It

If I were to draw a picture of what it takes to make it today in a creative or technical field, it would look a lot like this:   People who are making it in today’s world are constantly learning, but they don’t keep the results to themselves. They share their successes and failures. They can relate… Continue reading The Model of Making It

The Ethics of Teleportation in a Capitalist Society

Facebook wants to build a teleporter by 2025. Granted it’s a virtual reality teleporter, but that got me thinking: what are the ethics of teleportation in a Capitalist society? Star Trek epitomized teleportation in a Utopian society—beaming crew members and whales to planets and to the ship—aiding in the United Federation of Planets’ mission to… Continue reading The Ethics of Teleportation in a Capitalist Society

If Want To Be…Do!

It is often said by most published authors, if you want to be a writer, read. Not just the genre you are writing in, but everything you possibly can. This logic can be applied to anything. If you want to be a designer, collect and observe design. If you want to be a filmmaker, watch… Continue reading If Want To Be…Do!