Searching for the truth in conversation

I take interviewing people seriously because I’m searching for the truth and looking for wonder. Someone once told me during an interview to relax; it’s not 60 Minutes. True, it’s not. I’m not a journalist. I’m a soul explorer. In every pound of pain and joule of joy, I’m looking for pure human expression in… Continue reading Searching for the truth in conversation

Clarity is beautifully perplexing

When a question isn’t clear, the answer is equally unclear. You can replace “question” and “answer” with just about any word pairing and the logic remains true. Problem and solution. Process and outcome. Life and death. How do you find clarity? Now that is a question.

An outlet for your doubt

I’ve been thinking about doubt. Not because I’m wrestling with it, but because I’m wondering how I was able to work through it. I’m finally on the other side of a long season where doubt, insecurity, and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome gripped my soul. And it feels great. For me, I’m learning that… Continue reading An outlet for your doubt

Back to Basics

As technology gets more complicated, images and movies get closer to reality, and stories get increasingly episodic and long-winded, I can’t help but embark on the journey of rediscovering and returning to the basics. When I watch a superhero genre film, I am not inspired to create. I sit, I consume, and then I want… Continue reading Back to Basics