The Smells of Summer

I got out of the car this morning and was struck by a very distinct smell, the nostalgic smell of summer. Flashing back to the days of visiting my grandma and grandpa’s house in California when it was a little cool in the morning, the air was fresh, and life was blossoming along with the… Continue reading The Smells of Summer

Reflections Of My Mom

Being Mother’s Day, I spent a lot of time reflecting upon my mom and how great she is. When I look at the man I am today, I can point to very specific things that she did growing up that built a foundation for the vast majority of my interests, my career and the way… Continue reading Reflections Of My Mom

Fight For Me

I sat across from the table and thought about an answer to his question, “what can I do differently in the future?”  After a moment of reflection, it was simple, “damn it, fight.  Fight for me, fight for my time.” While this was an actual conversation with a living, breathing human being, it was also… Continue reading Fight For Me

One Year Later

One year ago today, weighing in at a whopping 273 pounds, I started the Medifast program and lost a lot of weight and inches.  Here is a look at where I started and where I am today: Weight:  273 lbs. to 147 lbs. (-126 lbs.) Upper Arms:  16″ to 10.5″ (-5.5″) Chest:  50″ to 36.5″… Continue reading One Year Later