An outlet for your doubt

I’ve been thinking about doubt. Not because I’m wrestling with it, but because I’m wondering how I was able to work through it. I’m finally on the other side of a long season where doubt, insecurity, and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome gripped my soul. And it feels great. For me, I’m learning that… Continue reading An outlet for your doubt

A New Story of Collaboration

Tonight I’m participating in a workshop led by my friend, Diane Gibbs, in which the participants answer the question, “What makes a great collaboration for you?” At first glance, my answer reveals an old story that finds its roots in events that happened decades ago: “I don’t collaborate. I’m not a good collaborator. I’m not a… Continue reading A New Story of Collaboration

Early Morning Wacky Ideas

Don’t you just love early morning wacky ideas? Those brilliant bursts of inspiration floating through the ether, capturing your attention from the concerns and cares of the day. I had a beautiful early morning wacky idea show up today. I grabbed ahold of it, started to write down some ideas, and then asked a series… Continue reading Early Morning Wacky Ideas

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Fresh Ideas & New Directions

In a vacuum, it is difficult to come up with fresh ideas. You have to go somewhere either digitally or physically. Searching the Internet is great, but there is often a lens of comparison, inferiority, and distraction that occurs site after site, tweet after tweet, like after like. However, when you venture out into new places,… Continue reading Fresh Ideas & New Directions

Data Management and Alerts in Online Education Systems

As an instructor I have worked with two learning management systems, Moodle and Canvas, delivering content and grades to a maximum of 20 students at a time. While I have my preferences, there are two problems common to both: the management of massive amounts of data generated and a faulty implementation of alerts. Management of Data While… Continue reading Data Management and Alerts in Online Education Systems

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HBO GO and the Art of Spoilers

I love almost everything about HBO GO on my Apple TV: the user interface is intuitive, the service is fast and responsive (except when a new Game of Thrones episodes is available), the ability to watch a preview of most of the movies and TV shows increases the chance that I’ll commit time to watching or saving… Continue reading HBO GO and the Art of Spoilers

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How to Generate Ideas

This morning in my web multimedia class a student was having a difficult time coming up with an idea for the next class project: to tell a story with a main character, a beginning, a middle, and an end. While the objective of the project was firmly set and relatively straightforward, the initial process of ideation… Continue reading How to Generate Ideas

Transformative Imagination

As a creative individual, I believe in the power of my imagination to consider what could be, which in turn propels me towards solutions. However, what happens when I fail to engage my theories and instead flounder in a sea of mediocrity and complacency? I slowly lose the ability to imagine, act, and relate to… Continue reading Transformative Imagination