Rants Reflections Short and Sweet

Email is the future…of what?

“They” say that email is the future of business. By cultivating an email list, you are able to sell directly to your customers, your fans, your loyal subjects.

I get the emails daily from my mailing list provider: “Do these things if you want to grow your list and make a ton of money.” Of course, it is tested and vetted in a variety of ways to make sure that the content converts into the currency of attention: opens, clicks, likes, and buys.

The decaying echo of these words off the cavern walls of my soul begin to lose their power. I become less interested in what the future will be and more fascinated with what the present moment is. I am intrigued by vectors and directions through the passage of seasons and time.

Do I really need all that “they” promise me I can have, become, and desire?