Things That Blow My Mind Thoughts

“Infinite Creative Source”

I find it’s always the simplest phrases that capture my attention, stick in my mind, and drive me deeper into understanding what they could mean.

During my morning reading time, I came across the phrase “infinite creative source” in the book Creative Authenticity: 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision by Ian Roberts. This phrase describes the current of creativity that flows within us, perhaps like a river or electricity.

Some pay attention to it and draw forth from its abundance. Others ignore it because they can’t see it, hear it, feel it, or discern its existence beyond the noise within and around.

As Roberts writes, what we discover when we tap into this “infinite creative source” is the art beyond the “personal stuff” that will resonate with others. Roberts describes this art as a revelation.

What are the revelations that you see, hear, feel, and resonate with as you dip your soul into the “infinite creative source”? How will you allow these revelations to grab hold of your energy and desire to create?

Stories are fundamental to our existence and co-existence on this planet. Our personal stories matter because they are the vessels that draw creativity from the “infinite creative source.” Much like a bucket to a well or an excavator to a patch of earth.

If we don’t know our stories, how will we ever know what is possible?

It is when we know the size and shape of our personal stories—whether small or large—that we can see how little we are in comparison to the massive expanse of the “infinite creative source.”

As I dip my hand into this abundant source of creativity, I feel the rush of movement. I feel humble, small, yet powerful. I close my eyes to listen for the quiet whispers to be unearthed in this space.

My heart races.

What a rush.