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Early Morning Wacky Ideas

Don’t you just love early morning wacky ideas? Those brilliant bursts of inspiration floating through the ether, capturing your attention from the concerns and cares of the day.

I had a beautiful early morning wacky idea show up today. I grabbed ahold of it, started to write down some ideas, and then asked a series of questions:

  1. What if I did this?
  2. How often would I do this?
  3. How can I make it as simple as possible?
  4. When would I launch?
  5. When would I need to start?

While these questions were helpful to turn my idea into energetic action, they also revealed a more powerful motivator: limitations.

How can I impose practical limits on this idea so that it is manageable, sustainable, and, dare I say it, fun?

The next time you get an early morning wacky idea, write it down, explore it, discover its limitations, and start to bring it to life. It might just change your reality.