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The Remarkable Ones: Chris Darwin

What is your overarching purpose for your life? Your big, hairy, audacious goal? In the latest episode of #TheRemarkableOnes by Muse Storytelling, they document Chris Darwin and his effort to help prevent a mass extinction of species. If the name Darwin rings a bell, Chris is a distant relative of Charles Darwin. When a career in biology didn’t work out, he naturally went to advertising. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this episode of The Remarkable Ones. You’ll learn a little bit about what Chris is doing to prevent a mass extinction of species, and you’ll find out about the footprint your diet has on the world.

When I first watched the trailer, I was in. I wanted to know more. I had a moment to watch the video before it was released and there was something inside me that felt let down. I asked myself, “That’s all?” Surely, he’s doing more than that? But you know what happens in moments like that? You can’t stop thinking about it. You ask yourself, “Could I do that?” This video has embedded itself in my brain. That’s the mark of brilliance.

My favorite quote: “If you can’t be first, be peculiar.” Okay, I will.

After you watch the video, please consider sharing it. Also take a moment and visit There you can download Chris’s app and listen to a podcast episode about the making of this episode.