Things That Blow My Mind

The Remarkable Ones

I recently came across a video series called The Remarkable Ones. It’s about people changing the world by doing remarkable things. To me, it is a celebration of the good things on this planet: A telling of stories that are often ignored in the mainstream because they don’t have enough sensationalism, and yet, full of sensational characters.

As told on their site: “The Remarkable Ones is an original web series from the team at Muse Storytelling. Driven by the relentless pursuit of the untold story, each episode chronicles the personal and intimate journey of a single character, and one truth that they’ve found along the way. Designed to inspire viewers and spark conversation, the series aims to bridge the gap between vastly different experiences and perspectives, helping us shift away from routine thought patterns and pushing us to consider new viewpoints.”

I started out of order with Episode 4 featuring Shane Hurlbut and his wife Lydia. I have known about Shane, but in this episode, we learn about his drive and the strength of his character and his relationship with his wife, Lydia. The one thing I took away was that having a strong relationship with your spouse or significant other is essential to the success of your career.

Episode 3 with Jason Zook has impacted me the most because it is about asking for what you want and what you need. To Jason, asking is transformational because rarely people ask. If you are interested in learning more about my journey the past few months to ask, listen to my episode of Getting Work To Work all about it: Ask and You Shall Receive (GWTW75).

That episode encouraged me to ask the team at The Remarkable Ones how I could be more involved in spreading the word and doing my part to help build the community. They directed me to their TRO Advocates application. I filled it out and they have since welcomed me into their community.

I am gladly spreading the word of The Remarkable Ones because we need these stories. We need to be inspired. But more than anything, we need to change the conception in our minds of what is possible so that we too can be remarkable and live lives worthy of being documented by the team at Muse Storytelling.