Short and Sweet Thoughts

To Be Kind

This morning, I had coffee with my dad and all we could talk about was the division in the country. He asked me what I would do to bridge the divide. I couldn’t think of the best answer at the time (I don’t think well on the fly), but after some reflection, I think it would have to be kindness.

To be kind to people I agree with. To be kind to others I disagree with. To be kind when people are angry. To be kind when people are happy.

Kindness is a simple answer to a complicated reality. Will kindness really help? It certainly has more of an impact than anger and fear.

Today I am wearing a shirt that says, “Keep calm and shoot film.” A woman on the college campus I teach at said, “Keep calm, I like that.” I started saying something while walking away and reminded myself to stop, turn around, and have a brief conversation. I ended it as I often try to, “Have a nice day.”

Have a nice day. Smile. Thank you. You’re welcome. Eye contact. Kindness is to recognize the humanity in others and embrace it.

I choose kindness.