Don’t Wait…Create Now

There is an illusion often presented as you learn a subject: you must wait to act until you know the basics. But I say, don’t wait and create now.

Right now.

The basics serve as a foundation of knowledge, but how do you learn them? Do you wait for the gurus to enlighten you with their understanding or do you look to experience to guide you mistake after mistake, breakthrough after breakthrough?

Do you teach chord progressions and scales or do you teach someone to play Stairway to Heaven? Do you teach editing theory or do you have someone recreate Star Wars shot by shot with PLAYMOBIL® characters? Do you teach HTML and CSS or do you teach how to recreate a popular website?

I say don’t wait and create right now.

Make mistakes.

Take the initiative.

You have the Internet to guide you and teach you anything you could possibly imagine.

But you mustn’t wait.

You must create right now.