Short and Sweet Thoughts

It’s Time To Get Over Yourself

Throughout the past few years I have taken moments to reflect upon all of the things that I’ve done in my life, business, career, and education. These moments of reflection feel me with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Occasionally I feel the tinge of arrogance (okay, maybe more than a tinge at times) and embarrassment.

But as I get older, what I am able to do as an individual isn’t very impressive. I want to do more. I want to be more. And that requires me to trust other people (which is incredibly hard for me to do). I have to get over myself.

I want to find kindred spirits that are building something greater than themselves. I want to find the challengers, the dreamers, and the doers who are creating something more than we could do on our own. I want to be called out for my weaknesses. I want to be raised to a new level by aspiring to be as great as the people who surround me.

I believe that my work could be better and it’s going to take someone else’s voice to break through my own barriers and excuses.

It’s time to get over myself.