Reflections Short and Sweet

The Power of Cynicism

I originally planned to write a few thoughts about the power of cynicism thinking that there was some good that could come from my periodic moments of being a cynic. I told myself that there was value in constantly battling between my hopeful and cynical natures. I wasn’t one of those people being sucked into the status quo. I marched to my own drum, my own beat. I did what I wanted to do.

But then I looked at the definition of cynic and saw a word that described an all too familiar feeling: bitterness.

There is a power in cynicism. But its power is a lot like the palantir in the Lord of The Rings: by touching this magical orb you have a vision of what is to come, but you do not who is on the other end of the palantir and if they are telling you the truth. It could be a force for good or it could drive you mad.

Cynicism can help you to see alternatives, but too much of it can make you bitter. It is addictive. It makes you feel powerful and better than others because of your insight into “reality.” Cynicism can make you an ass, a buzzkill, and someone no one wants to be around.

I would much rather learn to find alternatives without cynicism, but I guess that is the optimist in me.