Short and Sweet Thoughts

The Power of Idealism

Take a look at any news headline (clickbait or not) and it is easy to get a little bit cynical about the world: War, Famine, Wealth Inequality, Old White Men Who Have a Difficult Time Working Together (Congress), Gender and Racial Inequality, Sequels (Toy Story 4), ad nauseam. The power of social media to bring people together all over the world also has an infinitely greater ability to bring the depressing and negative stories (but incredibly important to know) to our doorsteps. But what about the stories of people doing amazing things to better the world? What was ever wrong with celebrating the visionaries of idealism? Turning the spotlight on the men and women who believe that the world can be a better place?

I think of Bill Gates and his challenge to engineers to figure out a way to turn sewage into potable water at an affordable price. That sounds completely unrealistic. And yet, the smart people of the world figured it out.

I think about the nonviolence protest movement and the unrealistic expectations of changing a violent system through nonviolent means. What will it take for the people of the world to rise up out of their comfortable recliners and take their place in the nonviolent protests all around the world in support of the many people gunned down in displays of power and fear?

I think about the film directors who make beautiful films outside of the Hollywood system in order to show the world what they see and yet struggle to get their work seen because of the barrage of marketing that shoves the latest sequel down the global throat.

Why would anyone strive to create new works of art in today’s society?

Because of idealism and love for expression.

Why would anyone bring children into this world?

Because of idealism and hope that they will make the world one person better than before.

Why would anyone?