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The Power of Scribbles and Sketches

I’m a huge fun of scribbling and sketching. Even though there are no easy ways to learn, I find that scribbling and sketching give me a chance subvert the confines of the mind and find unknown (to me) thoughts and ideas.

Scribbling and sketching give me a chance to write down my thoughts and create lists of ideas in fun ways, playing with different handwriting styles. They also give me a way to sketch grids and box-like shapes, focusing on the relationships between nodes, letters, shapes, and lines.

While my drawing skills are severely limited, I at least have fun with a whiteboard. I love to sketch fun caricatures of friends.

Being a fan of systems and processes, scribbling and sketching allow me the opportunity to visualize abstract ideas. For example, if the path to the future was not a single path, what would it look like? Analyzing the drawing above, where does it start and where does it end? Exactly.

From chaotic and abstract paths to the future, to fun ways to procrastinate while finishing my homework, scribbling and sketching helped me to articulate my writing process (in fun comic/animation style).

They also help my daily task lists be a little more artistic and enjoyable to look at while giving me a canvas to doodle on, all day long.

I’m a huge fan of sharpies and ink pens. The lines are permanent and it takes a confidence to lay them down.

I have a lot to learn about scribbling and sketching, but these are just a few ways I use them daily to have a little bit of fun.

How about you?