Early Morning Reflections

An important thought struck me while shampooing my receding hairline this morning: I don’t have to be defined by my mistakes and weaknesses any longer. Today is a new day and what happened last month, last year, or when I was younger has no relevance to what needs to get done today.

Sure, mistakes and weaknesses can act as a barometer and let me know what’s going on in different areas of my life. But they can drag me down, manipulating me to live a life in the Try > Fail > Defeat cycle, eventually losing all ambition and risk.

The only way out of this cycle is to work in spite of my mistakes and weaknesses. I can push beyond how they have defined me in the past by getting up again after I stumble and fall. I can ignore the harsh self-talk that occurs when I make a mistake or reveal my weakness to others. I can realize that learning and knowledge will only come when mistakes and weaknesses are celebrated, not used as a weapon of demotivation and depression.

Most importantly, I understand that I need other people because where I am weak, others are strong. The biggest mistake one can make is living in isolation with the belief that he or she does not need anyone to help them.

By Chris

Curiosity builder. Creative instigator. Spiritual explorer. Filmmaker. Podcaster. Writer.