Short and Sweet Things That Blow My Mind

A Burning Desire to Excel

Buried inĀ The Education of an IllustratorĀ by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman is a beautiful quote on what it means to be a student of the arts:

“Education should stress the fundamentals, encourage the desire to learn, and create a safe environment in which the students can learn more about themselves, take risks, and grow to exceed their perceived potential. But, no matter how well the educator orchestrates this, it will only work if the students are not only willing to learn, but have a burning desire to excel in their chosen field. Going through the motions is a sure path toward being stuck in the pursuit of the norm. The main problem is that the norm isn’t achievable because it’s always changing. However, with a willingness to learn and a desire to excel, today’s students can create the next norm and the next.” — Thomas B. Allen

Do you have a burning desire to excel?