Welcome Back

Hi, my name is Chris and It’s been a while since my last “real” post.

Sure I have had a few short posts here and there, but around the beginning of 2013 I stopped writing (at least here). In place of my blog, I was writing academic papers for the courses I was taking in pursuit of a master’s degree in management and organizational leadership. Now that I successfully finished the program, I feel compelled to return to this forum to write about various topics relating to business, leadership, art, and whatever I feel inspired by in a particular moment.

What am I going to write about?

Why not write about young entrepreneurs in the camera accessories industry combining their love for filmmaking with a passion for manufacturing amazing rigs and monitors? Sounds like a great idea and I have plans to write about SmallHD (camera monitors) and Rhino Camera Gear (camera rigs and stabilization accessories).

How about observations regarding the pursuit of education? What does it take to be a successful learner? Is college really the noble pursuit it once was or should it be replaced with a free alternative, such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)? My 90 page thesis (I’m not counting my appendices and various introductory sections which account for roughly 48 pages) was on the subject of MOOCs and one of the conclusions that I came to after conducting a minuscule portion of research: They are great for those that have the ambition and motivation necessary for self-guided learning, but bad news for people that were never taught how to learn on their own. Millions of dollars are being funneled into free online education learning environments and we all benefit, but could the adage be true: You get what you pay for? Time will tell and I will definitely (along with thousands of other people) be writing about MOOCs.

What about the layoff of photojournalists by the Chicago Sun-Times and the reality of change being an unstoppable force in life? How do we future-proof our careers? Is that possible? Do we protest change or do we document and work through change? Sounds like a good topic to write on.

How about all of the books I have been reading now that I am done with my school work? The Fear ProjectThe Shadow Scholar: How I Made a Living Helping College Kids Cheat, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Scuba Diving, Ender’s Game, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media; all great reads that are living on my nightstand.

I’m happy to see that I will not have a shortage to write about. In addition, I’m looking forward to continuing my Innovators of Vancouver video series in August with a profile of a creative entrepreneur.

Well, that’s all for now. Welcome back. It feels good to write and unload my thoughts from the recesses of my mind.

Until next time.