Transformative Imagination

As a creative individual, I believe in the power of my imagination to consider what could be, which in turn propels me towards solutions. However, what happens when I fail to engage my theories and instead flounder in a sea of mediocrity and complacency? I slowly lose the ability to imagine, act, and relate to others.

Instead of imagining something new, I attack the tools of imagination. I demonize technology. I hold tight to the comforting slogans which protect my ignorance. I grow around the belly and my mind shrinks.

I shut myself off from the concerns of others. I toil in my selfishness. I continue building my borders, the modern-day Emperor’s clothes, not knowing that everyone sees me for what I am: a hypocrite. Naked and ashamed.

As L. Dee Fink writes inĀ Creating Significant Learning Experiences: “for learning to occur, there has to be some kind of change in the learner. No change, no learner.”

I would add: No imagination, no change, no learner.

Acting upon our imagination has a tremendous ability to change not only our individual lives, but society as a whole. However, it takes a desire to move into uncharted waters.

To imagine new ways of navigating the complex waves of humanity.

To imagine new ideals and standards.

To imagine.

To act.

To change.

By Chris

Curiosity builder. Creative instigator. Spiritual explorer. Filmmaker. Podcaster. Writer.