Aging Heroes and the Death of the Future

I came to the realization today that my heroes are aging to the point of transcendence into legend.

I am saddened that I see Terry Gilliam working less, growing older, his children cataloguing his life’s work. He seems to be more of a documentary soundbite than a respected film director.

I ask the question, “Who will take his place?” when I am challenged to think deeply and critically by Bill Moyers’ insightful questions and interview subjects.

When I see my favorite rock band, Metallica, attempting to play songs they wrote when they were hungry and 18, I wonder if thrash bands have a retirement plan.

My parents are in their 60s and dealing with a whole new set of physical and emotional issues, and as the workplace shifts around them, I see a system changing to embrace the youth and forsake tho ones who built the system.

Who will replace my heroes when they are gone?

Will I have people to look up to, that sacrificed everything and persevered through endless struggles to live their dreams?

When will our society return to the production of heroes instead of celebrities and demigods?