Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From Reading Comments On Local News Articles

10. People are rude regardless of the technology used to moderate the comments.

9. People are rude regardless of whether they have a valid comment to be made or not.

8. People are rude in their ignorance and in their intelligence.

7. People are rude in their rebuttals, exponentially increasing as the chain of sub comments grows.

6. People are rude because their cause/politician/puppet/pundit/person is the target of criticism.

5. People are rude and find clever ways to stand out in a sea of rudeness.

4. People are rude because it’s easy to hide behind a digital avatar (even if it’s their own).

3. People are rude and I’m pretty sure, based on the comments, it’s the fault of Democrats / Republicans / Christians / Jews / Muslims / Buddhists / Scientologists / Media / Guns / 1% / 99% / Left / Right / Center / Gays / Straights / Blacks / Hispanics / Japanese / Chinese / Bankers / Humans / Aliens / Writers / Journalists / Reporters / Pundits.

2. People are rude because digital civility has yet to be needed.

1. People are rude.

(Feel free to add your own or be rude to me in the comments of this post)

By Chris

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