Evolution of a Photograph

In 2001, I was taking a class on Lighting and Exposure at The Art Institute of Portland. For my final project, I loaded up my Nikon N65 with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film and headed out to Siouxon Trail northeast of Amboy (translation: the middle of nowhere).

Of the many shots I took that day included this one and has been a particular favorite ever since. A reminder of the start of my photographic pursuits as well as my fascination with slow film and smooth water.

I still have a lot of memories from that day, especially because after I ran out of film, I saw a bear on the way to the car. My friend and I were freaked out, but we lived (just in case you weren’t sure).

Last weekend, I ventured out to Siouxon Trail, 11 years later, and realized I had no real remembrance of the area. I didn’t have my SLR loaded with slide film. I didn’t even have my DSLR or a tripod. Instead, I had my trusty iPhone. Not quite the same in terms of quality, but I was able to take this:

What I didn’t realize until after I got home was that it was the same general shot from 2001, just a different side of the falls and wider. Still beautiful, green, and a reminder as to why I loved photography in the first place: to capture the serenity and captivating beauty of nature.