The Consistency of Learning: Rules, Standards and Constant Comparisons

Learning can be described as the consistent journey of learning rules and standards by constantly comparing what you are doing with what has been done by others.

In the case of film, this process of creating a movie based upon the technical and artistic merits of the industry’s craftspeople will produce a movie that technically looks great, but has no soul. Why? Because you, as an artist, failed to understand that the journey is not about learning the rules so you can create comparable works to others, but to reveal a vision from within that continues the artistic conversation from what has been done to what could be done.

It takes tremendous risk to buck the comparison learning trend. If your goal is to work within a particular system, then by all means follow the hierarchical journey to mediocrity.

As for myself, I will continue learning, failing, attempting, and revealing the beauty within. I may work harder, I may be perceived as an elitist, or even an arrogant jerk, but the closer I walk in beauty, the greater I realize that embracing imperfection increases humility.

Ultimately, learning by revelation, not comparison, leads to a gracious spirit, willing to work towards the betterment of the world through that creative expression.