Stock Photography: The New Face of Hemorrhoids

The latest billboard in town is about fast, painless relief for hemorrhoids.

I have nothing against hemorrhoids or Advanced Gastroenterology. My beef is with stock photography and the nausea-inducing ease at which a pretty girl can be transformed from: “Give me surprise” to “Surprise, you’ve got hemorrhoids.”

I doubt this lady got into the business to appear on a hemorrhoids billboard in Vancouver, Washington. I’m sure she has grand aspirations for her career.

But, until she makes it big, you can buy her on for your next advertisement. Perhaps I’ll buy this image to advertise my business because nothing says telling your unique story like a stock photo used by a gastroenterology clinic.

*I found this lovely Instagram photo on Google Images. I would love to credit the photographer, so let me know if this is yours.


One reply on “Stock Photography: The New Face of Hemorrhoids”

I love the stock images that show up in all of the political ads. Please go out take the time to get some real outrage. I also enjoy visiting family across the country to see the same image of little kids re-used by both sides of the spectrum in different ads. 

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