Randomness Short and Sweet Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Idea Gardens, Historical Viewpoints, Bikini Girl Marketing and Gaming Your Tithe

Today is definitely full of random thoughts running through my mind. Instead of choosing to write an in-depth blog post, I thought I would collect a few of the things occupying my brain.

  1. Do you have an idea garden? This question was asked by a friend when I responded that I had a million things going through my head. I have notepads, note apps, sticky notes, index cards, napkins, and a whole cadre of pens, Sharpies, and highlighters.
  2. In response to yesterday’s post about revitalizing downtown Vancouver, a local historian and a designer got into a discussion about diversity and the reshaping of Vancouver. One thing that the historian said has really stuck in my mind, “just because one does not know about it does not mean that it doesn’t exist.” It leads me to “there is nothing new under the sun.” I’ll save my discussions of existentialism and philosophy for another day, but for now I’ll leave you with this: “Just because something exists doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it.”
  3. Nothing markets independent coffee shops like bikini girls. As long as you stop staring at them. What’s next, bikini girl smart bars at the Dell store in order to compete with Apple?
  4. Do you tithe with your credit card in order to get airline miles?