Ideas Short and Sweet Things That Blow My Mind

Go Ahead and Fix Problems, There Will Be More…

As a nation, are we afraid to fix problems? Are we afraid that there won’t be anything left for us to do if we solve what ails us as a society?

There will always be problems, but solutions will become endangered.

Solutions are the minority and we have built walls around the borders of our minds, arresting the alien thoughts that attempt to subvert business as usual.

Solutions will become rarer, harder, and increasingly expensive.

Look at the blood shed for economic equality across the world.

See the lives lost for religious freedom.

Hear the pain of those struggling with diversity and tolerance.

The world needs heroes.

You, me, everyone working together for the good of one another.

Hippy? Idealist? A little naive? Yes, but problems will never be solved through cynicism and inaction.

As a client recent stated in an interview: “We can solve poverty if one person addressed and helped another.”

1-to-1 is the true representation of equality.

What will you do today to be a hero?