Short and Sweet Things That Blow My Mind Thoughts

Job Creators

I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and answered the door and there was a young boy–maybe 8 or 9–with a tattered sheet of paper in his hands, and he began to fumble his way through his speech: “I’m starting a lawn mowing company and wanted to know if I could mow your lawn for you.”

After I listened to what he had to say, I politely declined because even though I don’t mow my lawn enough, I actually enjoy doing it.

There is a lesson to be learned from this young boy: Don’t sit around waiting for other people to create jobs for you, realize you are the job creator for your life.

Thankfully no one has told this kid that the government needs to create a job for him. He’s out there hustling on his bike, taking care of business.

If an 8 year old boy can do it, so can you.