Fanboys and Evangelists

It seems that more people are getting tired of fanboy fanaticism. But where would Apple or any company/religion/band/artist/coffee/tea/Sega be without the fans?

Businesses need fanboys (and fangirls).

Companies need internal/external product and service evangelists.

And because humans have an undeniable need to hear what other people like and love, we will always be more apt to buy because of fanboy and evangelist recommendations than from a marketing campaign.

Full disclosure: I am a fanboy and evangelist for the following:

  • Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic cameras
  • Adobe Master Collection
  • Terry Gilliam
  • Metallica
  • The latest books I am reading
  • The cup of coffee I’m drinking
  • What I think you need to read, watch, think, or see

But as much as I love everything on this list. I am also highly critical of the decisions and actions made. Not because I’m right, but because I care.

Embrace your inner fanboy (fangirl). Be an evangelist for what you love. When people complain or tell you to shut up, just remember, they are just as fanatical about something and you’ll have the chance to either tell them to shut up or to ask deeper questions, thus transforming fanaticism into dialogue, debate, and action.