Show and Tell the Next Generation

I have written a few posts regarding my views about the attention the next generation constantly receives:

I often hear many phrases about the young men and women that are in our schools, in the pews, and on the soccer field: “They will change the world.” “It is up to them to fix the future problems.” “They have so much promise.”

The problem with this philosophy is that there is a large portion of the population who are not the next generation, they are this generation. Here and now, breathing and alive. Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Y, Generation Nation. All able to affect change today and tomorrow.

Last Tuesday evening, I was capturing an event for a church planting organization at the Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver. A pastor from Portland got up and had this to say about the next generation: “There is so much attention placed on the next generation, but unless we step up and show them what it means to change the world, they won’t.”

Essentially, changing the world starts today with our decisions and our actions. Instead of waiting for tomorrow, try doing something today.

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But… I was told if I just got my degree it would all work out….. good stuff Chris!

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