Things That Blow My Mind

The Art of the Manifesto is a website devoted to supporting and spreading great ideas. I first came across a manifesto from Gapingvoid artist Hugh MacLeod entitled How To Be Creative and most recently found a great one called Shift & Reset by Brian Reich. Check out this great resource of mind candy.

Brian Reich writes the following in Shift & Reset:

“I am angry. There are real problems facing the world, and we, as a society, are not doing enough to address them in the right ways, not the ways we know are possible. The old way isn’t working, and we know it.

We continue to reward the same behaviors we have rewarded in the past while expecting different results. We profess interest in really doing things differently but settle into routines that are comfortable and safe, and we are fooling ourselves. There are lots of excuses for not making real, demonstrable changes in the way we live, work, and how we interact as individuals and engage in groups/communities. I have heard them all. I have used many of them myself. But they are bullshit. All excuses are. A person either truly, deeply, genuinely cares about changing things or he doesn’t. You can step up and do what it takes, in whatever way you can, or you need to acknowledge your limits and accept the results.

What might be possible if we were really committed, as individuals and as a society? I’ve thought a lot about this, and instead of remaining angry, I choose to embrace the question and figure out how I can use the anger to make things happen.”

So with that, read the PDF, realize that you don’t really care, and start caring.