Short and Sweet Thoughts

Coming Up Short

I often come up short, failing to meet the expectations of others.  This reality makes me human.  In my failings, it is the feedback of others which enables me to address and facilitate change.  However, in the past month, I have noticed an increased trend in criticism without feedback.

I am not opposed to being judged, critiqued, or graded according to certain standards.  As long as the standards of judgment are defined and shared.

It is the mark of a coward, not a critic, that takes a cheap shot without explanation.

It is my responsibility to ignore the coward, but the attitude of inexplicable superiority will eternally piss me off.

This anger drives me to act appropriately when I am in the position of grading someone else.

I will always tell you what I think and why.

Is it too much to ask for the same in return?