The Tin Man Metaphor

There is nothing quite like describing an emotion or feeling with a metaphor, especially a well-constructed and timely metaphor.

Usually my metaphors are so complex that I spend more time explaining what I mean and less time sitting in awe of the connection between images and emotions.

But last night, I hit pay dirt with this simple metaphor for how I am feeling: I am the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, standing in the middle of the forest, with my axe in hand, unable to do my job because I am rusted in place, and the only way to be free is from the action of another person.

I am surrounded by possibility. I have the ability and the means, but I am frozen with fear and inertia.

I have rusted in place and all I can do is wait for people to oil my hinges while I ask this question over and over:

Why didn’t I leave when I saw the clouds rolling in?

3 replies on “The Tin Man Metaphor”

I’m sorry you’re rusted! Wish I could provide some oil, but I have a feeling that the lubricant you need I don’t have. Hope you find the yellow brick road soon.

You know what, it’s totally okay. I think it’s just another confirmation that life is not meant to live alone.

I can help you out of your situation but we’d have to get together to do that…

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