Randomness Short and Sweet

But Will It Last?

It’s amazing what happens in sixteen years: I graduated from high school, went to college, dropped out from college, went back to college, visited multiple countries, worked a couple of jobs, started my own business, got married, got fat then skinny then proportionate, started working on graduate studies, and about a million other milestones and mundane life markers.

Throughout each of these life events, I had a trusty confidant by my side (more accurately, in my mouth, cemented behind my lower teeth).

Keeping my teeth in line, I never really thought about my confidant, it was always there.

Until recently…

My confidant became loose.

My teeth slowly started to shift.

I think about how strong the cement was, holding a small piece of wire in place for sixteen years.

I think about how much food and drink I have consumed over the years.

Not much in this life is made to withstand the brutality food and drink had upon the poor little wire.

I could probably say the wire is a metaphor for life and the need for time-tested confidants to keep us in line, but the wire is not the metaphor, the cement is.

Without the cement, I would have choked on the wire long ago.