Short and Sweet

Two Views Of Changing The World

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: They will forever be compared for their impact upon the world.

Steve Jobs created great products that redefined how we use technology, consume media, and what we expect from companies in terms of excellence and perfection. Jobs pushed his employees to create the impossible, set the standard for demoing products, and was often ahead of the times.

Bill Gates created an empire built upon Windows, accessibility and affordability. He was less concerned with aesthetics and more focused on building a great company. Upon stepping down from running Microsoft, Gates has used his wealth for the purpose of changing the world through his philanthropic endeavors.

Great products can change the way the world works.

Great ideas can change the world.

Both are required in today’s world.

It is easy to compare the virtue of one man over the other, but the truth is that we must be both the product genius AND the philanthropic benefactor of the disenfranchised, sick and poor.