It’s Time To Get Over Yourself

In my blog administration section, I have a section that enables me to write notes about future posts that I want to write. In a list of four items, the fourth was this: “It’s Time To Get Over Yourself.” I’m not entirely sure what I meant by it, but as I sit here thinking about it, there are only two ways this can go:

  1. I can write about myself, my feelings, what I want to convey, what is bugging me, what I am pondering, what I want to get at Yolicious tonight, or just about anything related to good old me. Or, I could think about…
  2. What the person reading this might be thinking, what they are going through, what they want to convey, what’s bugging them, what they want at Yolicious tonight.

It’s easy to get caught up in our own worlds. It’s easy to forget that our lives our inextricably connected in ways that we will never understand. “The world revolves around me” is much easier to think, say and act upon. But something amazing happens when you make the shift from the world revolving around yourself, to revolving around someone stronger than you. Actually being able to admit that there are other people stronger, better, more attractive and smarter than you is a great first step to being able to get over yourself.

Sadly, I think that I wrote this down because I need to get over myself. I fret that I am not good enough, strong enough, that I make too many mistakes, I fail, and I don’t succeed.

As long as I am focused on what I am not, I am not able to put other people before me.

When I am focused on what I am, I am not able to put other people before me.

As long as I am okay with who I am—good, bad and ugly—I will be able to put other people before myself.

That means that I can hear what they have to say.

That I will be okay if they don’t like what I think.

That I will be over myself.

How are you?

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