What Do I Do When The Bar Is Too High?

I started my day thinking about spoken and unspoken expectations. Specifically, what effect do they have upon my emotions and the pursuit of creativity?

It can be daunting to see the metaphorical bar raised way over one’s head. For some, this pushes them forward, like a challenge. They spend unlimited energy finding solutions. They are fearless and undeterred.

For others, they retreat in despair until they know without any doubt what they are doing and that what they do will allow them to not only grab the bar, but raise it higher for those to come.

I am a swinging pendulum, gravitating between the two extremes. This morning I was ready to retreat in despair. Tonight, I am fearless.

So, what do I do when the bar is too high?

I need to realize that the only way I can know if I don’t measure up is after the project is over. This truth leads to a clear and free creative mind, unafraid and eager to do the very best.