40×40 Update 1

It hasn’t been a week since I posted my list of 40 ambitious goals before I turn 40 and already work is underway to cross things off.

12. Be A Missions Photographer/Filmmaker At Least Once Per Year

It is confirmed. In January, I will be traveling to Haiti for two and a half weeks with a team from Grace Foursquare Church and East Hill Church. Last night was the first meeting that I attended and things are little fuzzy about what we will be doing, but things are slowly coming into focus. Stay tuned for updates along the way. This will be my first time in Haiti and from what we have been told, it is one of the more difficult mission fields.

6. Learn CPR

People are cool. One person in particular. He read the list, saw that I wanted to learn CPR and invited me to join his workplace’s CPR training class next month.

18. Masters Degree in Management & Organizational Leadership

Monday night was the open house for Warner Pacific’s Masters Degree in Management & Organizational Leaders. We got to hear from two professors (one of them being my dad) and from four students that have gone through the program. A few people asked questions including this one from me: “Obviously the syllabus is written and based on foundational materials, but how important is making sure the curriculum factors real-world and real-time events?”

I was thinking of the Occupy movement as I was thinking that. I knew what my dad’s answer would be because I know how passionate he is about making sure his students are aware of what’s going on in today’s world. The other professor said that he expects people to be bringing in real-world examples and the majority of his courses are built around that.

I liked what I heard. I filled out the application and I’m working on some more paperwork. I might start the end of November. I might start in January/February. It’s still being decided.