What’s On Your List?

I came across a blog the other day that was about 30 ambitious goals before the author turned 30. That got me thinking, my next milestone birthday is 40, so what 40 ambitious goals do I want to accomplish before then?

I’m usually not one for making these types of lists, but I’ll be honest, life is a little dull right now and it could use a little focus, a little bit of spice.

My list consists of things that seem completely doable—from playing in a racquetball tournament to celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary in New York City—to things that seem borderline nuts and ultra ambitious—hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, skydiving and reading every book I own (I have way too many books).

It’s kind of fun having a little bit of perspective about what is ticking deep down inside. I may accomplish them all, I may do half or none, but at least I have something written down.

What is on your list of things to do?