Things That Blow My Mind

The Bad Defines The Good?

I came across a post today that stopped me dead in my tracks. In Trying Something New, Matt writes:

You can’t ignore the bad — it’s always there, and it’s always going to be — but the second you let that cynicism take over and dominate your demeanor and thought process, you lose sight of those good memories and better times ahead. You get caught in whatever obstacles you’re faced with and stop seeing the bigger picture.

Wow, I am so guilty of not seeing the bigger picture. I am quick to forget that no matter the hell I go through, that there is hope for tomorrow. I also forget that without hope, there is no promise for tomorrow, and there is no point for today.

Matt says some great things in his post and I recommend that you read what he has to say, while you crank up your speakers and let the music of U2’s “Beautiful Day” lift your spirit.