Taking It To The Next Level

One of my friends yesterday said that he was “taking it to the next level” by live tweeting photos from a football game he was photographing for Skyview High School. That got me thinking about what it means by taking it to the next level.

Every one of us wants to get better at what we do. Fundamentals, techniques, tools, tricks and tips are all great places to start in the discovery process of finding areas where we can learn more. There are a million ways to improve, but the most important area that we can all improve upon is the belief that we can still get better at something.

No matter how good we are at something, we can always improve. There is always something to learn and as long as we have that attitude, we will continue to grow and improve.

For myself, taking it to the next level is very specific. In terms of my filmmaking, I want to improve the cinematography of my productions, specifically camera angles, movements and lighting. In regards to writing, it’s a little more vague, because I am still in a place of experimenting and learning fundamentals. When it comes to photography, taking it to the next level is working in presentation and portfolio building. With design and other artistic pursuits, I just want to have fun and try new things.

So, how about you? What does taking it to the next level mean for your career and your life?