Prepare For Tomorrow, Finish Well Today

It’s been a rough year, but I’m finally starting to see a glimpse of exciting things to come in the future. I’m looking at pursuing my graduate degree in Organizational Development and Leadership in order to begin a process of refining bad habits and learning new skills to apply to my business and the work that I do for others. On top of that, I will be traveling to Haiti in January to document the work that my church is doing to help rebuild the country. There is even a chance that other countries are a possibility continuing my dream of traveling overseas to document the missional work of people daring to be different.

I’m continuing to develop Innovators of Vancouver episodes, I’m working through a million ideas for creative work that can help to move my business forward, and I’m also learning to take time out of my day to do things that refuel and refresh me. All of this is a good recipe for working through the slump that I talked about last week in The Honeymoon Is Over.

All this future activity is promising and exciting, but I also need to remember one important truth: I can plan all I want for the future, but I still need to finish well today.

I have obligations and projects that need to be wrapped up. 90 percent of my work is being wrapped up and that gives me hope and anticipation for what’s to come. But when the glare of hope and promise serves to blind and distract me from the work that needs to be finished, then’s it’s time to put on my sunglasses, briefly turn my back to the future and focus on the tasks of today.

If there is one thing that I have consistently heard from my dad it is, “finish well.” I’m trying dad, I’m trying. The future can be a temptress, so alluring and lustrous that reality seems to fade away. That is not the best way to finish well.

So, with my focus on finishing well and preparing for the future, I salute you, the new quarter and the coming year.

Now, back to work.