Things That Blow My Mind

Soda Pop and Books

The imagination and ingenuity of humanity combined with the awe-inspiring majesty of nature makes for a great day. A smile from a stranger, a chocolate chip cookie, a great cup of coffee, Vitamin D from the sun—all great things that blow my mind, if I take the time to think about them and acknowledge their existence.

Coca-Cola Freestyle…Wow!

What gave me the idea to start writing about “Things That Blow My Mind” was a trip to Pita Pit (of all restaurants), in Orchards (a suburb in Vancouver, of all places), where there exists a magical machine of soda pop goodness: Coca-Cola Freestyle. Being a diet soda drinker, I am often left with two options (three if I am lucky): Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, or Coke Zero. I’m not sure why restaurants don’t offer a non-caffeinated option like Diet 7-Up or Sprite Zero, but these are typically the choices available.

The idea behind Coca-Cola Freestyle is that you pick a brand, add flavor, and you get the soda that you want. The machine touts 100+ flavors and at first glance I was skeptical, but that is because I only saw the first screen in what was actually a multi-screen, interactive touch display of soda pop alchemy.

I pressed Fanta Zero, then I saw the options: Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry and more. I went back and chose Coke Zero and saw different flavor options. Same for all of the drink brands: Coke, Diet Coke, Powerade, Powerade Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero. Amazing! I was so excited, I ran over to my wife, huge smile on my face and said, “Oh my gosh, you have to see how awesome this machine is! It’s mind-blowingly awesome!”

I tried Raspberry Fanta Zero, Grape Fanta Zero and Raspberry Minute Maid Light. This innovation of soda pop goodness is truly something that blows my mind. I tried to ask the employee how it works, but all they said was, “it’s a secret.” That’s cool. I accept that. In fact, I’m glad I don’t know, because it’s that much more special to me.

Try out Coca-Cola Freestyle for yourself at Pita Pit in Orchards, it’s pretty cool.

Books For Everyone!

Another Thing That Blows My Mind is a short documentary film from Shields Films called Street Books about a mobile library cart specifically for people that live on the streets. It is a great profile of not only the person that delivers the books and engages the street dwellers, but there are interviews with the people that check out the books from the cart. I am truly amazed at the ingenuity and reality that people want to read, if they have the access to reading material. I often take for granted my library privileges, but not everyone is that fortunate. I am truly grateful for the existence of this service. Check out the documentary right now and let it blow your mind.