Whose Fault Is It?

Two conversations today have been centered around the issue of our country’s debt problem, leading me to ask the question: ¬†Whose fault is it?

My answer to that is simple. It doesn’t matter.

As long as we are trying to “correctly” place blame, problems will continue to go unsolved.

As long as we are holding strong to what we want, we will never see what needs to be done, for the sake of everyone else.

Short-term solutions will never fix long-term problems.

If we know what the fix to a given problem is and we don’t apply the solution because it doesn’t adhere to our political agenda, we are guilty of betraying our country, which is worse than betraying the ideology of a political party.

If you are more concerned with getting re-elected than doing your job, what will happen when you don’t have a job because you were too busy playing the fiddle while Rome burned?

Will it take the collapse of the global economy to get politicians to finally realize that they have lost all reason, logic and have betrayed every single person in the world, not just America?

If you want to gamble, go to Vegas with your own money. I won’t need to know if you won or lost, but if you do win, be sure to file the IRS W-2G form so that we can make sure you are feeding the government meter. But if you pretend that there is no meter, or that it doesn’t apply to you, guess what? I have just the job for you.