Talk, Walk, Run!

I marvel at the cycle of life–physically, spiritually, emotionally–and think the best way to live in each of those areas of life is to, “talk the talk, walk the walk, then run like hell!”

Talk The Talk

As I small business owner, I rely on a rudimentary ability to negotiate and get new projects. That means knowing what I am capable of doing, as well as what my current demands are and how the addition of another project affects the overall balance of work and life. A lot of variables for something as simple as talking and posturing yourself as someone.

Walk The Walk

While a lot of people can talk all day long, there comes a point where the work needs to get done. Fulfillment of commitments thus solidifies reputation, bringing credibility. Pretty simple, but a lot of work. With all of the distractions in my daily life, walking the walk is getting harder and harder with all of the demands and digital noise that infiltrate my focus and workspace.

Run Like Hell

The truth in all of this is that there is a missing variable in my life: the need to run like hell and escape from the talk and the walk. Essentially, I need more playtime in my life. It’s amazing how refreshed and enthusiastic I am after I get time to escape and play. It makes the daily talking and walking worth it.

I can feel in my soul that it is approaching that time in the cycle of life where I need to run like hell and play. In fact, I’m going to do that tomorrow in the form of hiking out in the Columbia River Gorge with a friend. I’m going to enjoy a few movies and books over the weekend. I’m going to stop and smell the roses. Wait, strike that, they aren’t blooming yet!

Regardless, I’m going to take time and enjoy the beauty of the world I live in because if I don’t, then I feel that much closer to dread and drudgery.

I’m reminded of a Bruce Springsteen song lyric that sums this all up perfectly:

Someday girl I don’t know when
we’re gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go
and we’ll walk in the sun
But till then tramps like us
baby we were born to run