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Social Business 101: Getting “Stuff” Done (GSD)

The final area of Social Business that I’m going to talk about is the most important: Getting “Stuff” Done, affectionately known in its acronym form as GSD.

It Doesn’t Matter How Social You Are…

…if you aren’t getting your work done. There it is. The truth. Social Business is great, but if you aren’t accomplishing your business goals and objectives, you probably aren’t going to be around very long.

No matter what decisions you need to make regarding your social policies as an employee, a business owner, or a manager in a large corporation, remember to ask these important questions:

  • What do you need to do in order to reconcile your social goals and objectives with your business goals and objectives? Are they the same or are there glaring differences?
  • How much time are you spending being social internally and externally? Is this time preventing you from accomplishing your work?
  • Is your social focus on brand experience, connecting with people and establishing trusted relationships?


By asking the above questions and focusing on the individual elements of the acronym P.O.S.T.E.R., you will find and develop ways to encourage your internal and external Social Business Strategies, not over-emphasizing certain tools, networks or fads.

  • P (People): Focus on the people within your organization and your customers.
  • O (Objectives): What are your internal and external Social Business goals and objectives?
  • S (Strategy): What is your strategy to implement your Social Business goals and objectives?
  • T (Technology): What technologies will you use internally and externally?
  • E (Evangelism): Create a corporate culture around being social by encouraging people to evangelize your Social Business Strategies.
  • R (Rules of Engagement): Develop rules of engagement that define and encourage successful Social Business.

Get Social. Do Business.

With that, I encourage you to get social, do business, and remember that effective Social Business is all about Brand Experience, People, Trusted Relationships and Getting “Stuff” Done (GSD).