Thoughts on Contentment

It’s early on a rainy Monday morning, my exercise is finished, coffee and breakfast consumed, and I’m starting to schedule my day and the busy week ahead. I’m also taking a few minutes to meditate and reflect upon a few simple thoughts:

  • I’m grateful to be alive.
  • I’m glad to be busy with meaningful work.
  • I had a great weekend with friends and family.
  • I get to not only speak at the Northwest 140 Character Conference on Thursday, but get to make a short documentary about the conference which includes interviewing attendees and speakers on the nebulous topic of social media and networking.
  • I’m looking forward to filming a new episode of Innovators of Vancouver next week.

In a nutshell, I am content.

While I can look at what I don’t have, what I wish I had, what I hope to be doing in the future, all those things would only steal my focus and momentum during a week that in many ways is an affirmation of the man that I have worked hard to become over the past few months.

With that, instead of complaining about it being a wet and mundane Monday, get your coffee, or morning beverage of choice, and identify what you are grateful for this morning and let it lead you to contentment. Then you will see just how amazing and fantastic your day and week becomes.